Wednesday . March 29 . 2017
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Virtual selling power DANNON HAR
At your e-service DANNON HAR
A number of virtual concierge solutions have recently hit the market, offering hoteliers a range of customer-service apps that integrate with their existing property management systems (PMS).
Making refunds a breeze ROHIT KAUL
Ashish Kashyap is the CEO and founder of Ibibo Group, which owns several online travel portals such as, a hotel and air aggregator;, an online bus ticketing platform; and ibibo Ryde, a car and cab sharing app.
A portal to Muslim travel S PUVANESWARY
Curious encounters in Sri Lanka FEIZAL SAMATH
Rukmankan Sivaloganathan, co-founder and CEO of, an experiential travel and lifestyle company based in Sri Lanka, was formerly a well-paid banker but felt that "something was missing" in his previous job.
Made to order CAROLINE BOEY
A former reporter with London's Sunday Times, Sarah Keenlyside moved to China in 2005 where she was involved with running the Time Out magazine. It was during the 2008 Beijing Olympics that spurred her to help visitors who found it hard to navigate around the city.
A market for same-day tours S PUVANESWARY
KL Tan, general manager of Borneo Trails Tours & Travel, has launched, a portal that caters to same-day bookings
A sharing economy on trips PAIGE LEE PEI QI
CEO and co-founder of, Ha Lam, spent over eight years in the travel industry and used to be the tour guide for many international friends visiting Ho Chi Minh City.
Innovator - Empowering local communities XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Growing up in upcountry Thailand, the exposure to the ingenuity of rural cultures from young drives Somsak Boonkam, founder and CEO of Local Alike, to address socio-economic inequalities among less advantaged communities.
Promoting charitable giving through revamped website XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Established in 2011 as a not-for-profit organisation by Exotissimo Travel, Exo Foundation acts as an advisor on best tourism practices to the Bangkok-based DMC. The foundation has since developed Exotissimo's responsible-travel policy while initiating or directly supporting local projects contributing to the sustainable development of destinations in South-east Asia. Exotissimo Travel is the main donator to the foundation, with US$1 donated for each travelling client.
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