Monday . February 27 . 2017
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Fallouts from frozen relations
With Taiwan's tourism suffering from plummeting Chinese arrivals, the government has thrown a lifeline to affected businesses.
Bangladesh's one million dream: a vision impossible? ROHIT KAUL
Bangladesh dreams of one million arrivals by 2018. It needs all the willpower.
Committed to health and wellness ROHIT KAUL
Energised by the government's focus on medical tourism, Indian tour operators are pulling out the stops and devising ways to capture the market.
Going beyond the 101's PRUDENCE LUI
While Taipei may be the mainstay of Taiwan's tourism, the vast tourism resources and gems beyond the city are putting more secondary destinations on the map for Asian travellers.
In for a wild ride TTG ASIA REPORTERS
Australia has over the years gained a reputation as a prime destination for theme parks, but this now hangs in the balance with newer and more affordable alternatives surfacing elsewhere in Asia-Pacific
Getting Gen Y to love cruising PAIGE LEE PEI QI
Cruise lines are doing more to change Asian millennials' mindset of cruising from 'what my parents and grandparents do', to a vacation alternative they too desire to have. Paige Lee Pei Qi looks at whether the efforts are enough
Heyday for smaller players RAINI HAMDI
As global chains figure out synergies from their M&As, smaller groups are making hay.
Making a good change agent ROSA OCAMPO
The first travel agent to become tourism secretary in the Philippines, Wanda Tulfo Teo wants to prove that she has the mettle and industry experience to change the country's travel industry for the better. She tells Rosa Ocampo what she intends to achieve
Automation and the hospitality industry DAVID TOPOLEWSKI, CEO OF QOOCO
Given the high costs and manpower shortages experienced in the Singapore hotel sector, automation and hospitality are two words rarely used in the same sentence. Other industries have embraced automation, manufacturing has massively increased its productivity thanks to machines, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) led by companies such as UiPath promises to replace the repetitive, rules-based tasks present in many financial institutions, yet local hotels seem to be free of such technology, despite the presence of many repetitive, rules-based jobs.
Getting a better handle S PUVANESWARY
As Asia-Pacific's traveller profiles, experiences and ecosystem become more diverse than ever, the marketplace fragmentation has travel agents seeking out technology and industry insights to better meet travellers' evolving needs. By S Puvaneswary
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Bangladesh's one million dream: a vision impossible?

by Rohit Kaul

Fallouts from frozen relations


Going beyond the 101's

by Prudence Lui

Committed to health and wellness

by Rohit Kaul

Getting Gen Y to love cruising

by Paige Lee Pei Qi