Friday . January 20 . 2017
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TTG Asia ASEAN 50th Anniversary Special Supplement
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Navigating through crowded skies TTG ASIA REPORTERS
In a region where air travel is booming, how are Asia-Pacific's legacy and budget airlines keeping pace with passenger demand and industry competition? TTG Asia examines the latest developments in the sector
50 best ASEAN travel experiences TTG ASIA REPORTERS
Much has changed in the region's tourism landscape since the ASEAN community was established 50 years ago. Industry players take us on a trip down memory lane, sharing their most remarkable South-east Asian travel experiences, then and now.
Shaken but not broken JULIAN RYALL
The recent string of natural disasters has only strengthened the resolve of Kyushu's tourism stakeholders to welcome tourists back to the destination by rebuilding its infrastructure and offering attractive promotions. Julian Ryall reports.
Taking the pulse of travel TTG ASIA REPORTERS
TTG Asia speaks with travel bosses in the region to get a sense of how market conditions are unfolding in 2017, and what they are doing to improve business in the year ahead
A taste of finer things PAIGE LEE PEI QI
Already renowned as a food destination with myriad dining options from hawker fare to celebrity restaurants, Singapore's Michelin debut is just the icing on the cake in luring visitors, discovers Paige Lee Pei Qi
Bold adventures of 2016 TTG ASIA REPORTERS
The TTG editorial team had our fair share of fun and adventure this year. Hear about our most daring acts - no holds barred!
Live bold and bloom TTG ASIA REPORTERS
These power women in the trade reveal their innermost secret travel fears and how they have conquered them
Know your policy well JIM KRAMPEN
Travel insurance expert Jim Krampen advises agents on how to check travel insurance cover for acts of terror
Charting a smooth journey TTG ASIA REPORTERS
These aviation and cruise heads identify some of the common hazards in the skies and seas, and what can be done to lessen the risks involved
Silver lining around dark clouds RAINI HAMDI
In an era of unprecedented global integration and growing uncertainty, five industry leaders ponder how technology, proactive measures plus a bit of innovative thinking can make travel safer and seamless. By Raini Hamdi.
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50 best ASEAN travel experiences

by TTG Asia reporters

Navigating through crowded skies

by TTG Asia reporters

Shaken but not broken

by Julian Ryall

Silver lining around dark clouds

by Raini Hamdi

Charting a smooth journey

by TTG Asia reporters