Tuesday . July 25 . 2017
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The business of protection TTG ASIA REPORTERS
With insolvencies and bankruptcy filings on the uptick among travel businesses in recent years, is the trade seeing enough protection against such risks from insurance providers? TTG Asia reporters find out
Rise of the Chinese explorer ADELAINE NG
More Chinese travellers are now enabled and emboldened to seek out Australia's regional gems, a far cry from how the market was when the tourist boom from China first took off in 2007. By Adelaine Ng
Big ships making big waves PAIGE LEE PEI QI
Cruise lines are pulling out all the stops to entice potential customers in the emerging Asian market. Paige Lee Pei Qi highlights what the major cruise lines are offering in their latest and upcoming pipeline
The dark side of dark tourism MARISSA CARRUTHERS
Slaughter sites and killing fields are a major money-maker in Cambodia, but is this right? Marissa Carruthers reports the dark side to them as the kingdom moves on from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime
Big data with a personal touch XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
In the age of Internet of Things, is data the holy grail for travel companies to win the personalisation war? Xinyi Liang-Pholsena finds out where the industry stands in using data, its struggles and what the future might hold
Marketing US as a friendly place RAINI HAMDI
A new president throws a spanner in the works for Brand USA, which has been hard at work promoting the US as a welcoming and friendly destination to outsiders. The task has become even more important. Raini Hamdi talks to Chris Thompson, Brand USA president & CEO, about it*
WTTC's Scowsill on future of travel & tourism DAVID SCOWSILL, LONDON, JUNE 30, 2017
Outgoing World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) president & CEO David Scowsill sets out what he sees are the trends shaping the future of Travel & Tourism (T&T):
A matter of location MIMI HUDOYO
Mimi Hudoyo examines why having more hotels is not the answer for some destinations in Indonesia
Taking staff seriously MARISSA CARRUTHERS
Upcoming vocational facilities are much needed for the country to supply sufficient trained professionals and support the growing tourism industry.
A market for the rustic MIMI HUDOYO
The capital of South Kalimantan looks to its traditional life sources and riverine culture to enhance its tourism appeal for visitors, both domestic and international.
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The business of protection

by TTG Asia reporters

Rise of the Chinese explorer

by Adelaine Ng

The dark side of dark tourism

by Marissa Carruthers

Big ships making big waves

by Paige Lee Pei Qi

Big data with a personal touch

by Xinyi Liang-Pholsena