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Tuesday . April 28 . 2015
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Opinion: The recent hotel fire in Bangkok
Andrew J Wood, president, Skål International Thailand


Andrew J Wood

President, Skål International Thailand



ANDREW J Wood, president, Skål International Thailand has raised several points regarding the recent blaze at Grand Park Avenue Hotel in Bangkok, which resulted in the death of two guests and injuries to 20 others.



In an email to TTG Asia Media, Wood said:


·      I strongly urge independent inspections of all categories of accommodation in Thailand, especially 'older' buildings built in the 80's and 90's, before our current legislation was introduced.


·      Not addressing the issue of installing fire sprinkler systems in our older and often 'budget' category of hotels is irresponsible, and will put our golden goose (international tourism) under increased pressure.


·      There are a number of 'health & safety' companies which have been set up recently in Thailand that can assist and advise hotel accommodation providers on fire, health and safety issues.


·      The legislation in Europe is particularly detailed and complex. Failure to comply will lead to refusal by travel consultants/wholesalers/tour operators to use a product, as the legal and financial implications of failing to comply are significant.


·      It is important not to take any short cuts – this would create a false economy in the long term, and is very possibly illegal as well as unsafe.


·      I would also like to see the Thai hospitality industry be its own watchdog with reassurances of action and follow-up by Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai Hotel Association. After all, its members, the GMs and hotel engineers are the ones who are legally responsible, not the owners.


·      And finally, in the interest of good communication and public service, efforts should be made to set the safety bar higher, through the introduction of a new certification system for buildings of all ages covering fire health & safety.

Never happen. Thai Government is too corrupt. All they are doing now is damage control to make it look good to future tourists.
Posted by: larry
16-03-2012 16:12:02
As a Health and Safety company based in Asia we all too often hear from hoteliers and business owners that health and safety inspections are expensive Based on the recent incidents that have been happening in Thailand recently through negligence and poor safety standards/systems in place we have to wonder what is the cost of Human suffering/Life’s? People’s livelihoods? – So many times we hear the excuse we don't need it, we have never had a fire......why do we need to do this now? There is no excuse for inadequate safety measures….. Would you check yourself and family into a hotel that was unsafe?? Health and Safety Inspections save lives……and are not expensive..... It is NOT essential that all hotels provide all requirements at any one time- it is essential that you can ensure the safety of your guests, staff and property and that you have a fire evacuation plan in operation so that all staff and guests know what to do in case of fire. It is essential that you regularly maintain your systems; testing fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers etc. Ensuring all fire exits are unobstructed and free for immediate escape. Do you have clear fire exit signs on all floors/ in all areas ? do guest and public rooms have evacuation plans showing the nearest exits ? When we work with clients especially in Thailand, they have a huge willingness to learn, understand and implement the safety standards provided – Because they now have the knowledge and awareness, not only to keep all systems up to date but also to be able to see new potential hazards if and when they occur Our last presentation to 70+ hoteliers regarding the importance of Safety Checks to your business at a THA meeting resulted in absolutely no interest or even enquiries what so ever…….? Some members of which absolutely know they do not have the systems in place - Also having had several meetings previously with TAT and THA, there is a serious lack of focus in this area, which needs to be addressed if Thailand wishes to be a Safe Destination for tourists in the future - Safety in Asia carries out full audits on all areas of the Hotel/Condominiums, Offices, and Schools etc. This includes assessing all fire systems, swimming pools, guest rooms, food and hygiene etc. Following the assessment we give you practical advice on how to set up safe operational systems in your establishment. The goal is to be responsibly practicable in your approach to your safety systems ensuring the best possible results for all; your guests, staff and the property. We also assist you in preparing fire drills, checklist for equipment, legionella control and food and hygiene training. We are happy to assist you in contributing to promoting Thailand as a “Safe Destination” Janet Griffiths Director Safety in Asia Co Ltd Bangkok www.safetyinasia.com
Posted by: Safety In Asia
22-03-2012 09:29:46
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