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Wednesday . August 23 . 2017
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German NTO zeroes in on SE Asian markets
Pamela Chow, Singapore, July 17, 2017

Since opening an office in Singapore this January, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has identified Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia as key target markets in South-east Asia.


Arrivals from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia rose by 15.4, 15.5 and 16.1 per cent respectively from 2015 to 2016, while the figure for Indonesian arrivals is currently unavailable.


Neuschwanstein, Bavaria


Further growth is expected from these origin countries as “travellers seek newer destinations in central Europe”, explained Chun Hoy Yuen, director of marketing & sales for Germany National Tourism Office (GNTO) - Singapore (ASEAN), who added that the NTO also “(aims) to encourage more people to stay longer in the country”.


The board has forecasted that overnight stays by visitors from Asia-Pacific will increase by 122.7 per cent by 2030.


Chun elaborated: “Many travellers start or end their journey in Germany... Germany-exclusive routes usually focus on the alpine region, the Black Forest region and the capital Berlin.”


To nudge travellers towards longer stays, GNTB aims to “extend the routes also towards the north and the German shoreline as well as focus on the beautiful scenery in the east of Germany”, said Chun.


In line with this, GNTB will promote its Destination Germany campaign through annual themes, with 2018’s being “Culinary Germany”, the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth and the European Athletics Championships in August at The Olympiastadion Berlin.


The board is gearing its marketing efforts towards digital channels, with an emphasis on social media campaigns and collaboration. Its website,, has recorded a total of 10 million visits to date.


GNTB also recently set up office in Buenos Aires to pursue the Argentinian and Chilean markets, and its Dubai sales office underwent a facelift earlier this year.


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