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Friday . May 26 . 2017
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Overheard: Tourist deposits crab in resort's safe
Feizal Samath, Colombo, April 19, 2017

A tourist from China has been fined US$300 for hiding a crab in his room safe at a resort in the Maldives' Ari Atoll.


Avas newspaper reported that the room attendant Ali heard something moving inside the safe during a routine inspection.



“Ali reported his suspicion to the manager who then questioned the tourist. After the tourist opened the safe in the presence of both Ali and the manager, the crab crawled out.. and scurried under the bed. Housekeeping reportedly spent hours trying to get the crab out of the room,” the report said.


The tourist admitted to catching the crab at the beach and planing to cook it in a rice cooker he brought with him.


He had first tried to store the crab in the bathtub, but later moved it to the safe after repeated escape attempts by the crustacean.

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