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Monday . March 27 . 2017
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Plane etiquette: mind your table manners
Adam Tan, Singapore, August 30, 2013

NEWS of a group of Chinese passengers helping themselves to in-flight tableware has spread like wildfire on social media.


According to reports, a group of tourists from China’s Zhejiang province refused to hand over 30 sets of stainless steel tableware during a Singapore Airlines flight. The reason? Relatives who had flown on the same airline had informed them beforehand that the in-flight cutlery could be pocketed.


In this age of affordable air travel, no doubt aided by the LCC boom, one wonders if there is a need to keep used cutlery as proof of having flown on a plane?


I shudder to think if such similar desire to pocket in-flight items has happened to Finnair, which recently introduced textiles and tableware by Finnish design house Marimekko to its cabins (read: porcelain crockery for business class and disposable versions for economy class).


Especially for those who can afford a seat away from the cattle class, surely a Marimekko product is small change?


But then again, you’ll never know. Some people are hoarders, whether it’s a bus ticket or a used paper cup.


Now, has anyone seen any reports on Finnair losing in-flight items mid-air?

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