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Friday . January 20 . 2017
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How to win friends and influence cabin crew
Adam Tan, Cattle Class, May 23, 2013


SO YOUR client wants to know how the nerd that sat next to him on the plane got offered an upgrade to first class while he was left slumming it in cattle (I mean, economy) class.


Well, according to travel search site Skyscanner the most likely candidate to be honoured is male, well-dressed, about 30 years of age and travelling solo.


Based on a survey compiled from 700 cabin crew from 83 countries, the company says the most important individual factor is for the passenger to be polite and well-mannered. Scoring 82 per cent, this is two points higher than being a frequent flyer.


Other high-scoring factors are having an injury or illness, (fourth place, 65 per cent); honeymoon couples, (sixth place, 58 per cent), and spinners of sob stories in general (ninth place, 35 per cent).


At the other end of the scale, if the passenger is a woman, a teenager, wearing ‘suggestive’ clothing and/or travelling in a group, the inference is that they should know their place in life.

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