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Tuesday . July 25 . 2017
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Passengers weigh in on fat tax
Adam Tan, Singapore, April 1, 2013

INTERNATIONAL travellers have voted in favour of a Fat Tax, which would see horizontally challenged passengers pay more for their flights. Happy April Fools'...Not.


A poll of 1,000 adults conducted by Skyscanner showed that 59 per cent of respondents felt such a charge was justified.


And that's not just sizeism at work – Norwegian economist Bharat P Bhatta said that a price model based on weight could lead to cheaper fares and reduced carbon emissions.


In fact, Samoa Air already has its passengers following a cost-per-kilo fare system.


Skyscanner spokesperson, Sam Poullain, said: “The so-called ‘Fat Tax’ is a highly sensitive issue for airlines who clearly don’t want to cause offence to their larger passengers. However, we were surprised to see that among the general public, there is a significant majority who would welcome a tiered pricing for passengers depending on their weight.”


And given that the developed world is facing obesity problems, we say, why not!


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